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The Lawson Law Office is a different sort of law firm.  The level of personal service offered is unsurpassed by any other law firm.  The biggest complaint client's have against their attorneys is that they are unable to reach their attorneys when they need to, or that their attorneys don't return their calls or emails.  You will NOT have that sort of problem here.  Slade A. Lawson prides himself on being the most accessible criminal defense attorney in Arizona.  When you need to reach him, he'll be there.  

Whether your case is criminal, traffic, or DUI, it is very important to you. Mr. Lawson takes all cases seriously no matter what the size. He understands that your case is the biggest problem in your life. He shares your concerns and will work aggressively to defend your rights.

For answers to all of your criminal defense questions, please call Slade A. Lawson at (480) 413-1300 for an office appointment .

  • Legal Services Mr. Lawson is admitted to practice in all Arizona courts as well as Federal Court.  He offers consultation and representation on criminal cases, traffic cases, DUIs, juvenile law, Orders of Protection, and Injunctions Against Harassment.
  • Criminal Cases Mr. Lawson is a Certified Criminal Law Specialist.  He has been defending criminal cases in Arizona for nearly 25 years.
  • DUI Cases The field of DUI law is one of the most complicated, technical, and rapidly changing areas of criminal defense.  Mr. Lawson works hard to remain on the cutting edge of the constantly changing law and technology of DUI defense.

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Don't be fooled. Defending a criminal case is much more difficult than prosecuting one. When hiring a criminal defense attorney, the relevant question is not how long that attorney has worked in the criminal justice system, but rather how long that attorney has worked in criminal defense.

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The Lawson Law Office is dedicated to providing personal, professional and expert service on Arizona criminal defense cases. When you hire Slade A. Lawson for legal representation, you will receive personalized representation by Mr. Lawson himself, not an associate or paralegal.

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