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The Lawson Law Office is dedicated to providing personal, professional and expert service on Arizona criminal defense cases. When you hire Slade A. Lawson for legal representation, you will receive personalized representation by Mr. Lawson himself, not an associate or paralegal. The specialist will personally handle every aspect of your case.

Mr. Lawson prides himself on providing personal and accessible service to his clients. He often works evenings and weekends to meet the needs of his clients and encourages his clients to contact him any time they have a question.

Mr. Lawson is a career criminal defense attorney. He has worked in the defense of Arizona criminal cases for over 30 years. Mr. Lawson's criminal defense experience is vast. He has successfully represented individuals accused of offenses ranging from traffic tickets to first degree murder.

Mr. Lawson has dedicated his career to defending the rights of those accused of crimes . He has never prosecuted. Many criminal defense lawyers advertise their experience as former prosecutors. The implication is that these former prosecutors have some sort of connection with the government that will benefit you, or that they know more about defending cases because they once prosecuted them. Don't be fooled. Defending a criminal case is much more difficult than prosecuting one. When hiring a criminal defense attorney, the relevant question is not how long that attorney has worked in the criminal justice system, but rather how long that attorney has worked in criminal defense.

Awards & Recognitions

Arizona Criminal Law Specialist

Mr. Lawson has been certified as a specialist in criminal law by the State Bar of Arizona Board of Legal Specialization.

The State Bar of Arizona Board of Legal Specialization certifies attorneys as specialists in several areas of law, including criminal law. These attorneys, because of experience, training, and examination are awarded certificates by the Board. Certified Specialists have demonstrated integrity, professionalism and a high degree of competence in their specialty field.

Not all Arizona criminal defense attorneys are Certified Criminal Law Specialists. Only a small percentage of Arizona criminal lawyers have met the stringent certification requirements. In fact, less than one percent of the attorneys licensed by the State Bar of Arizona are Certified Criminal Law Specialists.

To become certified as a Criminal Law Specialist in Arizona, an attorney must meet the following minimum requirements:

When you are accused of a crime, trust your case only to a Certified Criminal Law Specialist.
Don't gamble your freedom with an attorney who's not a proven specialist in his field. When your liberty is at stake, demand a Certified Criminal Law Specialist.