If you are looking for an excellent criminal defense attorney that will deliver the results you could only hope for, it is Mr. Slade Lawson. I live out of state, and he came highly recommended by acquaintances in Arizona. They had experienced outstanding results and exceptional customer service.  From day one Mr. Lawson was honest and forthcoming about the charges and the consequences being leveled against me. He laid out my options, made his recommendations, then followed through with every single aspect of my case.  He called or texted timely updates, which greatly relieved my stress. He was easy to talk to and answered my questions in terms that I could understand. In the end, he delivered results that were the best possible outcome.  Mr. Slade Lawson is the best Criminal Defense Attorney in the State of Arizona, and you would be making another big mistake if you did not stop looking for a better defense attorney. There is none.  C.H.

Mr. Slade Lawson successfully worked with my family through two legal situations, and his dealings were honest and diligent, reducing the sentence in both cases.  He was easy to contact, and always available to answer our questions and concerns, and he worked with our schedule for meetings.  We would recommend him to family and friends.  Ocelot2011

I would recommend Lawson Law Office to anyone needing legal assistance.  I dealt with Lawson Law Office for a period of 2 years.  During that time if I had a question or concern, I was able to reach Slade by phone or email, and received a response that same day.  If in the future, I need legal assistance, Lawson Law Office will be the first place I call.  kcavin

Slade Lawson was quite impressive in his performance while defending my spouse in her legal case.  He discussed his thorough, well thought out approach before entering the courtroom and executed the approach as described.  Overall, he accomplished exactly what we asked from him and we would recommend his services to anyone that is seeking a knowledgeable well-prepared attorney for their legal matter.  djstjohnson

Choosing the Lawson Law Office was absolutely the best decision I made for handling my case.  I received extremely professional and competent representation from Slade Lawson.  I was also very pleased and impressed that Slade answered all of my endless questions about my case from the first day we met all the way through trial, and it didn't matter if I phoned or emailed him - I always received a quick and personable response.  I found the office atmosphere to be relaxed and comfortable.  One other thing I'd like to share is that I have family who works in a law firm and Slade Lawson came HIGHLY recommended by his peers when I asked for a referral for criminal defense representation, which I believe was very fortunate for me!  Please do yourself a favor and give Slade Lawson a call to discuss your matter before you make a final decision on your attorney. G.Syverson

A few years ago I got into some trouble with the law and was looking at a pretty hefty jail sentence. Once I was able to post bail, I immediately started looking for an attorney to represent me.  I talked to a few different locations and each one fed me the same story about how everything was going to be alright and that they would dedicate an entire team to my case...Complete lies.  When I met with Mr. Lawson, he told me the truth and was very straight forward.  He told me that what I had done was serious and that I could be facing some serious consequences.  Of course this would freak anyone out but the truth is better than a sack of lies.  On our first day of court I could immediately tell that Mr. Lawson knew what he was doing.  Since he was a public defender for some time before going into private practice, he was familiar with all of the judges and knew the styles and patterns of every prosecuting attorney.  Since my case dragged on for roughly two years, I was assigned several different judges and prosecuting attorneys, each of which Mr. Lawson knew and was very familiar with.  By the end, Mr. Lawson was able to go above and beyond my expectations, At first, I was offered a seven year sentence.  By the end, I was only sentenced to one week in tent city which I did not have to serve due to an error made by a judge.  I was also granted my bail money in full and was allowed to finish college out of state.  The initial charge would have been a Felony 3.  By the end, I was charged with a Misdemeanor which will be removed from my record within 3 years.  If you have committed a crime, I would highly advise Slade Lawson as your representation.  You might not have the same situation that I did, but at least you will know that you are being represented by the best attorney in Arizona.  MHughes06

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    Don't be fooled. Defending a criminal case is much more difficult than prosecuting one. When hiring a criminal defense attorney, the relevant question is not how long that attorney has worked in the criminal justice system, but rather how long that attorney has worked in criminal defense.

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